Time To Rod UP

| April 30, 2020

Some of the lessons we learn, we have to learn more than once. 

I remember being extremely content this time of year past, when I encountered many species of fish from the comfort of my skiff for the first time … because I could actually carry an extraordinary number of rods ready for whatever species I would encounter.

Well, I forgot it is that time again! Today, while out shooting photos of JB’s East Cape Fury, we encountered LMBs roving the shallows, gar, buffalo and what we were originally seeking – carp. But since I was a fly fishing guest, and a working guest at that, I wasn’t about to load up his gunnels with fly rods. And quite honestly, I was not carrying a proper quiver of rods today anyway.

It’s a funky situation, most of the fly rods in my quiver are for up sale anyway (inquire within). But, that doesn’t change the fact that I am carrying a TFO Axiom II 8 for carp, a TFO Mangrove 7 for buffalo hunting and a SAGE BOLT 6 for these pesky bass, a TFO BVK 7 for topwaters — from here on out! 

The reality is that most of the flies for each of these species rarely cross over during the less frenetic warm water fly fishing season (spring when things are ramping up, and fall when things are ramping down). 

Flats Largemouth bass are interested in bait patterns and flies that are lively and on the smaller side of bait.

Buffalo are mostly unpredictable, but I am investing time and effort into the color green in patterns that are buggy, and not bait-looking.

Carp, as I said in my video from Tawakoni, are finicky and not quite spawning right here and now, so we could go toward natural or bright bugs – – – small, small small! This is the pre-spawn, so it takes some figuring.

Gar are what they are. They’re kind of fun to tease, and they take teasing well. Light colors, EP Fibers are possible, and rope flies are also in the ammo box. Hooks are optional, and once you begin to get the hang of playing with these twitchy toothy fish, you’ll understand why.

If you decide to go, patience is especially necessary right now as I had to really work hard to present to all these species today on Lake Ray Roberts, and for whatever reason? I had no fish to take a fly over a four hour window on some of the most productive flats on Ray Roberts. I believe the water levels are actually lining up like planets – in a near harmonic convergence – until the next flooding rains of May hit the watershed. One huge difference, this year from others, is that I am going to be on the water in some of those bad conditions – looking for any takers I can find. Quiet desperation sets in …

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