The Cup Runneth Over – Lake Ray Roberts Texas

| May 13, 2015

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Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, and many other North Central Texas lakes are dealing with huge water surpluses right now, and there looks to be more on the way as of today.

Of course we can’t help but marvel at the fact we had predicted this predicament weeks ago, when there was no water coming out of the dam – early in this spring rain event. I think we called it a “perfect storm of events” that just happened to prove out. And while the media stands around with the rubberneckers at the most obvious locations, staring at their phones instead of talking to people, and digging up the real story …

Let us ask WHY WASN’T THE DAM OPEN SOONER? I don’t expect any answers, because I really don’t have the time to find and ask the right people the right questions that no other paid media staff is asking right now. Amazing, isn’t it? Yup, I think we’re just going to let this story go, flow downriver at almost 2-thousand CFS, and on to the next disaster zone. I learned my lesson years ago: News is for the paid newsrooms with their millennials sitting around said newsrooms, staring at their phones. Fly fishing is for us. (I’ve never felt so professionally secure!)


So it was a complete unadulterated ZOO at the Lake Ray Roberts Dam yesterday. Media, helicopters, families and fishers – in all modes of excited, manic panic. I saw one man proudly taking a 15-pound buffalo up to the sidewalk in a metal live bait holder, as proud as punch. He didn’t speak much english (I am guessing Vietnamese would have helped my communication), “Do you know what that is?” I said. “No.” “That’s a buffalo. Are you going to eat it?” He started to look a little MORE manic. “Do you know how to cook it?” I continued. Still no response. I walked away. It’s not like there aren’t millions of buffalo, but that’s one dead buff.

I went back to the car to give LK a chance to see history, and she went to look at humanity on parade (and the water). She came back mumbling something about ions, ionization … I don’t know what. “Did you see that fish?” she said. I assumed she meant the buffalo. “No, it had stripes on it,” she corrected. My ears started to burn a little, as I listened a lot harder. “A guy and his kid had it. It was as tall as the kid,” she placed her hand out parallel to the ground about 30-inches high. I felt a bit manic myself … shhhh, don’t tell anybody … hybrids here already?

All you dedicated readers have to do is look back at the YouTube Channel for Texas Fly Caster to see just what this means for our fly fishing opportunities. Here is a link to that video from … holy moly … 2010 –

I’ll see you  out there this afternoon – rain or shine!!!

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