Fly Fishing Report For Friday the Fifteenth

| May 15, 2015

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How can I say this? Completely blown out sounds about right. While I continue to search for the silver lining, we still have more rain in the forecast, and conditions are not improving for fishing around these parts of North Texas. One thing that is starting to improve is my “fish-to-work-ratio” which should slowly tilt next week. Watch the video, and be sure to let us know what you know. The drought is over in North Texas, although it feels like a jinx to say so.

Since lakes like Ray Roberts are essentially completely shut down, think in terms of fishing below lakes and at those massive releases going on. I am sure, although I have yet to see it, that there is plenty of water below Lake Grapevine, Lewisville and others. What we have to do, if ancient history is a measure, is to look below these lakes and be diligent about looking in funny places – like park parking lots – for fish signs. I heard a story first hand, of people catching dozens and dozens of crappie in one of the Isle Du Bois parking lots this week, just before they shut it all down. All I can say is, “It will get stranger and stranger,” just before we hear the harps, the rain stops and the fly fishing is ON ON ON this summer. Records will be broken.


Saturday – The Tailwaters Birthday Bash at that great fly shop – the only small-box fly shop in North Texas.

Sunday – The Fly Fishing Film Tour makes a stop in Fort Worth, Texas. That should be worth the price of admission. I just bought 2014, and I will say more about that later. Most fish porn, is good fish porn.

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