Time to Join the Skiff Nation – Lagoon Skiff Arapaima Construction Underway

| May 16, 2015

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I guess it’s time to let the proverbial cat out of the bag. After years of debate, years of searching and more years of waiting, you can see there will finally be a custom technical poling skiff coming our way soon. Of course I say, “our way” because, as always, you will be coming along for the ride – if not as a client of my guide services, then as a subscribed reader of the Texas Fly Caster adventure.


I don’t really want to burden readers with the minutia of skiff building, how I found this particular builder, or the myriad of technical things a skiff brings out as rigging begins and continues in earnest. And that is why I will be launching a new website in June, called Texas Skiff. The name alone is enough to cause a boatload of consternation, as everyone has their own ideas on what constitutes a “skiff,” but the new site is going to be very open for discussion (yes new discussion boards), and for experts to rise to the top and share their knowledge with so many of us who know so little about these things.


What you’re looking at is a skiff being laid up by Oscar at Lagoon Skiff, from Lagoon Boats, in Cocoa, Florida. This particular model is the Lagoon “Sport” with a lot of changes to the design coming — to lower my cost and simplify things to beginner level. Three things helped me settle on this boat as a good choice. First, the price. Second, I had my eyes and hands on one in Conroe, Texas, last month, and could see and feel the quality of the workmanship. And third, it has an incredibly wide beam for a fifteen foot boat at 76-inches (and seeing one in person verifying that accuracy).

I will keep readers posted as Oscar sends more images, and there are a lot of questions still to answer as rigging gets underway in earnest. Needless to say, you will also be privilege to some deals on gear I am liquidating in coming days. That includes (but is not limited to), the famous standing Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140 I’ve used so successfully for years, probably the Native Ultimate 12 (first generation), and whatever else is not tied down around here!

I don’t know how this is all going to end, but at least we can see and potentially enjoy how it begins, can’t we? What’s that again about a boat owner’s two happiest days?

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