Monday Morning Sidewalk Under Water

| May 11, 2015

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Hard to believe we’re in the same State, isn’t it? If you told me a few months ago that I would be watching high water helicopter rescues from the Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, area yesterday … I would have thought you crazy. But there they were, sitting on top of that Chevy truck, and far from any levy, talking on their cell phones, and I could just hear the conversation (in my head), “Hey bubba! You’re on the TV!” “No way! Really? How’s that? Oh, that hele copter?” I was just waiting for them to wave at the camera. Like I said, there’s no corner on the intelligence market around here.

One friend who works for the TPWD Lake Ray Roberts staff was marveling that we have gone from nine feet low to five feet over in such a short time. It is amazing, and it puts all our fly fishing prospects into a brave new context. Fish where there weren’t, and no fish where there were – the definition of topsy turvy.

And it’s not over yet. Here Harris County, Texas, this morning, severe thunderstorm warnings are up and that locomotion of rain that runs on an invisible track is over this part of Texas right now. Yesterday, it was North Central Texas, and basically my backyard, that took it on the chin. Tornado touchdowns in Denton, biblical rains, floods … it’s not that we’ve had enough rain, but we have, and we could certainly use some of this in the months typically known for extreme heat and dryness (aka – drought).

So it’s time to try and keep our powder dry, keep our eyes open for those flooding phenomenon that send fly fishing opportunities our way once in a blue moon. This is a blue moon time. Now that the daily work has slowed once again to a trickle, and it times out so well with the ramping up of the fly fishing season … watch closely starting this week as I venture out to document these habitats and their unique conditions this spring.

ONGOING COVERAGE – Lewisville Lake Fly Fishing Locations Continues

The series of reports on Lewisville Lake continues in May as well. There are locations on that lake that have fantastic access, but the fish just aren’t cooperating right now. These are the stories to accumulate knowledge from, and act on when the fish ARE cooperating. I had to turn back from my last expose on that lake due to having the wrong kayak underneath, as the high winds and waves kicked on – last week. I’ll be switching kayaks, and heading out again sometime this week – IF WEATHER cooperates.

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