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| March 14, 2012

NEWS – We have bass starting to make their way into shallow waters in North Texas NOW, and from what I’ve seen the last two outings, we could very well be looking at a bumper crop of large largemouth bass. I am sighting carp as well, but they are very green and spook at their own shadows right now.

For Lake Ray Roberts, all we need is a bit more rain to lead to rising waters on flats and foraging by a fresh crop of carp. Of course there’s a munching period in preparation for the spawn, then the spawn (where almost no carp is thinking about anything but spawning – so mannish are they), and a post spawn bite that reminds me of a cigarette in bed afterwards.

If you want to ply the newly flooded coves, right now early and late will reveal a topwater bite – small fish including crappie learning their way around the coves, and if you try deeper sandy bottoms, you may come across largemouth bass shopping for their annual bassinet – think dull colored Clouser and crustaceans like crayfish patterns — small, very small.

FLY TO TIE NOW – I suggest you tie yourself some shallow Clouser minnows with lightweight eyes, or even beadchain eyes. You already know I am a fan of the jig hooks, and even a #2 or #4 in the Eagle Claw Hook is proportionally small enough and alleviates the worry about the fly running hook-up. Otherwise, look at a standard Mustad 34007. For thread, go with a plain brown, and a contrasting green or gold midge flash – plenty of flash. Eyes can be brass beadchain, and it looks like they prefer the better black lead eyes (ones that actually have hourglass shape).

METHODS – For big bass, it’s a low and slow retrieve, and think fluorocarbon leader to get it down to the bottom quick (bass aren’t visibly shallow right now – they’re at 3-5 feet). If you’re curious about the topwater bite, it’s a mono leader and either weedless Seaducers or poppers – and let me know what happens!

PONDS – With all the fresh water, your local pond, if it’s clearing, should be ON. Throw everything you have into it, and continue to think early and late. I will bring you some pond action and action from Lake Kiowa before month’s end.

End Note – There is some bass video “in the can,” but Momma’s in town, and we southern boys have to entertain our Ma’ when they’re around.

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