Monday Sidewalk – On The Run to Rio Grande Valley – Meet Me There!

| October 1, 2018

Fly Fishing Texas Coast on Fire Again

Good Monday AFTERNOON. IT was a busy weekend – inside my head anyway! Actually, there was a complete redesign of the Fly Bar’s “set” aesthetic … the set being used to shoot the Texas Fly Fishing Reports. I am sure you are all jones-ing for more of those reports as things are honestly HEATING UP ON THE TEXAS Gulf Coast right now. It’s the fall feed and from what I see, it is again a FEEDING FREE FOR ALL along the Coast.

There are two locations on the Texas Gulf Coast that seem to be Kicking A and taking numbers. You would be looking directly at Matagorda and the land cut at Port Mansfield — both a long way from here, but believe-it-or-not I will be passing right by these spots on my way to the Rio Grande Valley this week! Exciting stuff is in store — don’t believe it? Check out my Instagram account and you’ll …


Yeah, it’s time for a tooth upgrade, so I am headed to Mexico for a dentist appointment. Wish me luck, but this is the world I live in these days. Join me sometime! I have an experienced “dental guide” who is making all the arrangements, and has many years of experience in the dental guide business in South Texas. So that does take a lot of the worry away. Passport in hand, along with my 8, 10 and 12 weight rods — just in case things get out of hand!


I still don’t have a name for these fly line tamer things, but that hasn’t stopped them for selling like hotcakes … hmmm, maybe call them fly cakes? Icing … fly pies … I like that buy a fly pie now – they have gone up on me, so they are $110 now and that includes shipping (which costs an arm-and-a-leg). Shipping out three today! Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Thanks for visiting the site, and I will be updating the YouTube Channel before I head out – with a new video showing how these Fly Pies stick to your deck in a 198-mile-per-hour wind. Yeah, overkill as usual. (You should see the new chalkboard in the Fly Bar – real overkill!) Along with the changes to the Report set, I looking at changing the time it is shot as well – from day to night, and adding studio lighting — just to make it more difficult on myself! We will see how that goes, but first it’s off to South Texas, and If I survive that … I am sure I’ll get back in the saddle and throw some fresh updates out there for you – as always free for the viewing!

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  1. shannon says:

    I guess we will stay in McAllen and cross there. I will see what the plan is. You doing well? How’s retirement?

  2. Reynaldo Ramirez Jr says:

    Let me know if you’re around los Fresnos.

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