Monday Morning Thanksgiving Week

| November 23, 2020

Good Monday to you all! Perhaps some of you can tell me how the party at Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company in Dallas, TX, went this past Saturday? I did not make it because we were battling insane traffic, getting to an art sale in Waxahachie, Texas, and battling back through Dallas back home (when I left early) as well.

On the way down to Art in the Yard II, the icing on the cake – after 40 minutes of delay from three different wrecks (one fatal) – was a broken windshield. A second serving of icing came on the way back when, as timing would have it, a parade of antique cars probably two miles long, was given the I-35E fast lane with police escort … I knew something was strange when five Lincoln Continentals with the old suicide doors passed me – in a row. Only Dallas would do something like that, the next day being November 22. Slightly bizarre. 


We know if we tie a loop knot, it’s not supposed to slip. But as Thanksgiving approaches, I believe we are headed to the darkest of times in this year of the COVID. The knot is slipping. First, the traffic in Dallas Saturday morning tells me people ARE GOING and ARE TRAVELING for Thanksgiving week. So we are looking at some unimaginable number of new infections about ten days after Thanksgiving is my bet.

And as the infections increase, the loop slips and the virus comes closer-in. You and I already “know someone” who had the virus, but now it is about to come in close, close to home.


This will be a Thanksgiving unlike any other in our lives, one way, or another. We give thanks for those whose orbits crossed ours, and have moved on into unknown orbits, and we give thanks for living in the now. We are thankful the USA will be saved, not by sacrifice through self-discipline, but by manmade vaccines. We are thankful for our abilities, skills and talents outside of fly fishing, and the ability to integrate these things with the sport and our with comrades through shared fellowship and fantastic times to come – together – in the future. We are thankful this week especially for the red-white-and-blue, not just the red or the blue. I would actually say it is a week to fly your Stars-and-Stripes as if we were celebrating a military memorial this Thanksgiving. Maybe some particular day will actually set aside to stop and take pause to remember our dead from this dark time, maybe when it’s all over we will simply want to forget … forget our great weakness, frailty, mortality and our drive for self over sacrifice. I think history will judge, and cut the fog with hard light and harsh shadows.


It looks like we will be rained out this Friday, but we all know how accurate North Texas weatherheads are – not very! Originally, I was planning another “Blue on Black” – a Friday event that I named and created something like what … ten years ago? Along the way, we also went to Galveston for Black Friday – fly fishing the flounder run for a few years, but over fishing has pretty much set that event back on the shelf in the “history” category. And with the popularity of flounder gigging blowing up big time on the Texas Gulf Coast now? Let’s just say the new bag limits of two could be a little too liberal by 2022. We all have a duty to report poaching, so be sure to have the phone number 800-792-4263 saved in your phone. IT WORKS! So with Black Friday rained out, I am basically sitting at the ready – for the next free minute (or two minutes) to pack up and run to the Blue. Be sure to subscribe to the Instagram Channel, and I will put up the “Green Flag” there. We all know green means go!

Thanks for reading today, and tomorrow I will have an update on the Great Denton Greenbelt Debacle. I am focusing on existing organizations, and what help they have been and may be in achieving the goals we are – as a group – seeking for the Denton Greenbelt Corridor. We will need volunteers from many avocations for this project – people power. 

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