Monday Morning Sidewalk Washing Away the Dust

| April 3, 2017

Texas Fly Fishing Monday Morning Sidewalk

GOOD MORNING, and welcome to the Monday Morning Sidewalk. If you’re in North Texas, I hope your roof doesn’t leak! It rained about six hours Sunday morning, and we had another wave Sunday evening. The ground is soaked, so we’re looking at runoff and maybe some flash flooding if it rains again soon. I believe we had more tan 2-inches of rain in the last 24-hours in Denton alone.

It was an action packed weekend – at least socially – over this past weekend. First, I had to go and do my mea culpa for offing Backwoods (the Fort Worth Outdoor and fly store) prematurely. Then it was over to a fish fry over at the home of Fort Worth’s favorite fly couple — Mike and Mandy Mendez. Amazing how good a batter of Dr.Pepper and flour can be when it surrounds some great fish and onion rings! Thanks for that invite. It was great to see, and talk to, a bunch of Soggy Bottom Boys from Fort Worth too!

READ EVEN MORE!For the first week this spring, we are looking at improving weather GOING INTO next weekend. That is great news of course. There’s plenty more going on during the week too though. The Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) stops in Dallas on the sixth.

I’ll be out there … looking for fish wherever they may be, and as always wrapping up several stories. There is the full-length feature on Mike Quinn going to print this week, and a few story queries out to other publications as well.

  • For those of you who only visit on Mondays, you are missing a lot! This week has a a story on the F3T – links to where to get tickets as well as the location. I’ll also put my first promotion for the F3T Fort Worth stop in that story.
  • There is a story on the new Backwoods Fort Worth location, along with a brief conversation with Stephen Woodcock (read free for 24-hours then Subscription).
  • There is a look at the Texas fly fishing tournament scene.
  • Water Wednesday is always a good read for those of you with a scientific bent to your fly fishing.
  • I bet there will be some unknown story that surfaces as well.
  • It’s definitely time to put a prod to those of you about ready to book your trips with me as well. Twenty-sixteen was great, twenty-seventeen looks even better!

So as you can see, Monday is just the tip of the iceberg around the Texas Fly Caster universe. Please check back in regularly and see what you find. And if you want to subscribe to the PPV content? REGISTER HERE and SUBSCRIBE HERE.

Thanks for reading, and riding along on this journey! Be sure to travel safe to wherever you go in these treacherous times.

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