Best Fly Fishing Apps Help You KNOW BEFORE YOU GO

| March 29, 2017

What fly fishing apps do you use to know more before you go?

“KNOW BEFORE YOU GO” is a phrase I’ve used since the beginning to define the act of not getting your ass kicked by factors that are easily knowable. I am not sure where “Know Before You Go” came from, but fly fishing aficionados know it appeared here a long, long time ago.

Most fly fishers are technology savvy guys who don’t leave a lot of the science to chance when it comes to my fly mantra; KNOW BEFORE YOU GO. And the vast majority of us use smart phones, like iPhones, for our safety and advantage on the water we already know.

So what phone APPS do you find useful when you want to KNOW BEFORE YOU GO?


  • [ppw id=”159893392″ description=”Fly Fishing Apps Know Before You Go” price=”.25″]A look at my phone, before I headed to Houston, revealed one less than a dozen APPS. The lineup has changed over the many years of using a smart phone, some deleted, some defunct and some crushed by the competition. Fishing APPS are not exactly a developer’s priority, and not a hot income generator like truly popular apps, but when a company like Navionics put their mind to the task … well, that should be your first purchase.



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  1. Salsa says:

    I also like to use fitness apps so I can log my shoreline hikes and explorations, amount of time spent kayaking, tracking routes and trails, marking points of interest, etc. Some allow you to embed cell photos that were taken during the outing and some allow your photos to be associated with where the photo was taken (via GPS). So you can mark that deer scrape you found while hiking into your favorite carp spot or a particularly fishy looking submerged oak that needs to be scoured next crappie season. Most apps allow you to share your routes which you should consider before broadcasting across the interwebs, but you can keep them private, share portions of them if you want to link up with pals or put a buddy on some fish if he’s having a tough day.
    Either way they can be used as great fishing logs/reference since you can see the routes, to take pics and make notes as needed. Back up often.

    1. Strava
    2. All Trails
    3. Hiking Project

    Each are great. Big brands like Nike and Garmin also put out some great apps, but they are usually device centric.

    Go forth and fish…And record.

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