Water and Weather Wednesday

| March 29, 2017

Welcome to the Texas Fly Caster Water Wednesday!

There’s big and small topics related to the weather, from the pointless deregulation of coal to micro storm events passing through North Central Texas.

Around here, the spring storm cycle has started and sometimes residents can miss the insurance agent by a matter of blocks – that’s how concentrated these storms are as the broad sweep comes by from west to east. Last night, for example, we had 60-mile-per-hour winds but no apparent damage or hail.

Further east and south, Rockwall, Texas, got a dose of everything and they are digging out and there are about 200-thousand thousand homes without electricity this morning. Several schools are closed for the day.

I took a look at northern creeks yesterday, and they were Nestlee Quick color and up to the top. And that is one of the effects this weather has; sudden creek flooding that throws everything off for a few days.

Stability, right now that’s what we need stability. This is the time of year when the whippersnappers jump the gun, and it’s just not time yet, so keep your powder dry. And keep reading of course! This last rain event will most likely top off area lakes again, and that means releases in April. Those releases will generate some of that increasingly famous action below dams. North Texas water is in good supply, even though drought colors are seeping into the map. Below the current map, the map from one year ago.


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