Monday Morning Road Show

| April 12, 2021

When in Houston, do as Houston-ers do, and look for the nearest pond, and hit it. But not until you have fulfilled all responsibilities family has been saving up for your arrival, like all the dangerous things; climbing ladders (talk to Aaron Reed about that one), digging in rose bushes … hanging out stored quilts – yes twenty of those quilts … and whatever comes along in the meantime.

Only then, after completing the Mom jobs, which you know I will do at the speed of a blur, only then do we hit the road from Houston to a few “nearby” lakes, because in Houston EVERYTHING is nearby.That said, we’re going to cut this sidewalk short, and get after the task list and on to the lake list this week. 

Please take a look at the video (below) I published over the weekend. It’s on a piece of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River, an oxbow that was clearcut by foreign developers while Fort Worth Fly Fishers, their Organization, REI, and Trinity River Water District were asleep. I have to wonder, where were these organizations, and individual members, when they had a chance to do something about this loss? Unfortunately, as you will see in the video, waking up to this now is pointless. This was the last habitat like this – in this area of the “Clear” Fork. I am sure you folks care, but sometimes caring isn’t enough.

END NOTE: The story on the Trinity oxbow is the kind of story I absolutely love to bring to you who read here and watch the YouTube Videos. If you have stories – from good, to heartbreakingly bad – feel free to bring them to my attention. I keep a pretty tight gate, so YOUR stories have to pass a few simple tests before they see the light. The first test is: Does it matter to fly fishers, or fly fishing. 

I am always happy for you to lead these stories – any and all of them – and I will gladly follow! If you have doubts, simply watch the video above to see a video where I was happily along for the ride, and documenting one of YOUR stories for other’s awareness.

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