Clear Fork Trinity River Fort Worth Urban Fly Fishing Disaster

| April 10, 2021

This video takes place along the Clear Fork of the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas. Matthew Clemens first told me about the oxbow being destroyed about ten days ago, and we finally coordinated our schedules last week, and shot this video of the leveling of the Oxbow.

This oxbow is an original offshoot of the original Clear Fork riverbed. It had huge trees that provided mammal habitat, and shade for the water – keeping it temperate in winter and cooler in summer. No more. Gone. Not a word from the beautiful people at REI, a stone’s throw away, or any of the other businesses. What should we hope for when it comes to a “reaction” these days anyway?

Rather than go on about this video, you HAVE to watch as we do our best Woodward and Bernstein impressions.

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