Monday Morning Map Folding

| June 2, 2014

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I was digging through my maps Friday looking for a folder full of Lake Fork, Texas, information. I didn’t have one, which was a small surprise, but proved to be pointless anyway. What I did find though was one of those free maps of Texas that they give out at rest stops. You know the one, it has a photograph of a young Rick and Anita Perry, your tax dollars at work.

I decided the map is definitely worthy of documenting the 2014 season in writing on the map. Why not? I have never written on a map, and it’s about time to give it a try. In the age of Google maps, I think writing on an “old” paper map is a lot less of a sin than it was when I was a kid.

The funny thing is this Texas map folded pretty neatly along a line that matches, albeit more straight, the line that is I35E here in Texas. Once I folded it along that line, the writing began on the front side, east of I35, and I never flipped it over to the backside. I discovered we haven’t fished west of I35 yet this year!

And the target rich environment east of I35 still needs a lot of work this year. We can mark off Lake Fork, Texas, as of Saturday’s tournament, and the Bass Fly Fishing World Championships. I’ll be going there a couple of times this week with the official results, and a second story on personal observations about Lake Fork on the fly.


Looking at that map shows just how far we have to go this year in the name of learning, showing and telling more about Texas fly fishing possibilities. But before we go, I want to do a couple more outings nearby.

I’ve been wondering about some of the spots on Lake Ray Roberts that may be ripe for the fishing as the lake quickly approaches nine feet below conservation. These spots are kayak or boat reach only, and I am always glad to have a fellow kayaker along for these kinds of outings. So if anyone is interested in a workout and can get a weekday off, let me know.

Apparently the smallmouth bite is on at Lake Texoma as well, so that may also be another helping of the same lake, but you already know how cool smallmouth on fly are!


Down the road, we will be in Granbury, Texas, this week, and will try to fit in some fly fishing on Lake Granbury or some other nearby water while I am in that area teaching a fly fishing lesson. If you know anything about Granbury, feel free to chime in now, in the name of “Know Before You Go.” I haven’t been to the Paluxy River in years because, we all know, “the Paluxy has no fish.”

It’s funny, once you gather and pack your camping gear (as I did for Lake Fork), it all seems so ready to go again. So that Travelin’ Jones just stays in your blood a while longer as the gear sits there staring at you and waiting for the word.

The schedule’s looking a bit more clear, for better and worse, so we’ll see if we can take this paper map and put a few more marks on it in coming weeks.


The IFA Kayak fishing tour stops in Port Aransas, Texas, this Saturday – for those of you who have an iron butt for driving. Less than two weeks from now is the first ever Fly Fish Texas event being held in New Braunfels, Texas. The Fly Fish Texas has plenty of momentum behind it, and could easily become the de facto main event for the Texas Fly Fishing public. We’re just going to have to go look and see! I am looking for a ride along or ride with for that event – to split gas. Any event that can put the constant refrain, “You can fly fish in Texas?!” has my vote.

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