Monday Morning Blown Away Again

| April 27, 2020

File this Monday under, “Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory” if you will. An otherwise perfect day was first interrupted by the sound of backhoes and other boring machines in my front yard and driveway. Then the predicted 25-miles-per-hour wind kicked in before 8-am. 

Duck and Cover

Those were my signals – let’s get the skiff back in storage and have yet another hunker Monday, let the wind blow and tune it all out, all the way out. After all, yesterday was a productive work day off the water as you’ll see this week (conditions were 10-out-of-10 yesterday!). Starting later today, the book review for Aaron Reed’s great, have I said that already?, great book, “Fly Fishing Austin & Central Texas,” will be here in print and is already on a YouTube video – with a video and the text in the YouTube description of that video. Check it out.


You saw my excerpts from fly fishing Lake Tawakoni last week – in Texas Fly Fishing Report #042320, and now the new video concentrating on that lake is ready to roll, and will be made “public” on YouTube Wednesday. I am hoping that by Thursday plans will gel for what we’re doing and where we’re going this week. That video contains greater detail on what to look for, in terms of waters, and where to look for trophy carp on fly.

Texas springs, and especially North Texas in May, are a crapshoot – if it’s not storms, it’s wind. We always expect this month to bring the most rain because that’s what the records say, but combine the National bit-chomping with the North Texas bit-chomping? I think I could chew through a stainless horse bit. Typically, the weather intensifies as these storms sweep from DFW to East Texas, and as you know east is the way we were expecting to go this spring and summer. So now we’re inspired to look west and north for relief, and when it comes to north, Danny Scarborough is zeroing in on Arkansas and Oklahoma smallmouth fisheries. I have always wanted to hit the Blue River for smallmouth, but that is one river that delivers a beating during north-south winds. We’ll just have to see where this goes. I can tell you this much; the drone of machines outside is beyond my tolerance levels right now.

I hope the weather is cooperating wherever you are this morning though! If I wanted a 25 sustained wind, I would just go to the coast now. As you can tell, I am looking hard for the upside around here today! So have a better day, and let me know where you are, if you are fly fishing – AND READ THE REVIEW OF AARON’S BOOK LATER TODAY, OR ON YOUTUBE NOW! His book is on sale now at Amazon, and I have the link to it over to your right – in the righthand column – click through it is PERFECTLY safe!

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