Texas Fly Fishing Report 042320

| April 23, 2020

Here is your report for this week! Be sure to check out the scroll at the end brought to you by TPWD!

If you do watch the video, you can find out how to get your own public use (I guess I will call it) mask — made by Leslie and shipped out to you for cost + shipping = $10-dollars. Not bad. These are made from mostly quilting fabrics that have a good tight weave and are all cotton.

This report includes a few clips from Lake Tawakoni, Texas, where I fished this week. There were few fish, but high – VERY HIGH quality fish. The video for Tawakoni should be out this weekend. So subscribe to the YouTube Channel to be notified when new videos hit the airwaves (how old is that word?).

Meanwhile, it will probably be Lake Ray Roberts tomorrow, and Texoma Saturday. The weather Gods abide! Now it’s just a question of working around the huge hole in my driveway. Will it ever be perfect conditions … I think not.

Thanks for watching, and especially reading. I will be providing plenty of written supplemental breakdown of Tawakoni to accompany that video.

I promise I have learned the difference between longitude and latitude! Don’t get it? Watch …

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  1. Timothy Bach says:

    Much love brother. Always fun listening to any talk fly. I got to throw the Asquith Rod with the Brand new Nautilus NVGX. Unreal dude. Crazy. Had a 30lb Jack run my Abel Vaya (locked down) all the way until 200 yards of gel spun was gone… Eventually I grabbed the spool to break it off at the fly so I didn’t lose my entire line and backing. Hope we can catch a trip to Cayo Cruz or Jardines Del Reina some day. Right now is PRIME Tarpon time.

    Until then… a few local fish and time with bros who care about our environment and better, primitive ways to target Texas Sport Fishing. You’re the man. Miss you. Look forward to catching up soon. Been working like crazy.

    Nice T-Wok catches too. Impressive.


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