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| May 27, 2013

Good Memorial Day Morning to you. Memorial Day has its origins in remembering the Civil War veterans actually, and was eventually expanded beyond just Civil War veterans to include all veterans. Texas Fly Caster has many, many military veterans reading, and we thank each and every one of you for your service to our Country, and sacrifice for the United States of America.

Memorial Day is the green light to summer as well. Let the summer begin.


The load seems to be letting up some around here, and now I can get back to stories that started almost six months ago – and tie up those loose ends you’ve been wondering about.

Meanwhile, we have to continue the hunt-and-gather of new stories with the help of participating (fly fishing) readers. If I can find some back-to-back weekdays to escape to places like Purtis Creek, Texoma and north Ray Roberts … you can bet I will be strapping a kayak or two on the Toy and putting the $70-dollars in the tank, and heading out.


Zebra mussels, being discovered one at a time, are being treated like rock stars from Mars at local Lake Ray Roberts, Texas. I love the photograph by my friend, Al Key, who backed off enough with his camera to show all these network cameras zeroing in on a single zebra mussel on a rock found at Isle du Bois boat ramp. So many locals in North Texas, never venture far beyond their own front yard or driveway, and I guess haven’t seen the Texoma shorelines piled high with zebra shells. All this fascination over the finding of one zebra mussel, when the future inevitably holds millionsbillions of them for as far as the eye can see.

This does lead me, inevitably, to the discussion of a new commitment of time and words to the topic of water in Texas. I’ve been holding back, and trying not to go here, for quite some time now. The zebra mussels are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to water issues (okay I will use “issues” instead of “problems” in the interest of young readers) that Texas is faced with. Water problems for North Texas, and all of Texas, are here to stay – until proactive solutions, solutions that get out ahead of the problem, are embraced and financed by the State of Texas. Water is front and center in Texas right now. I have to assume you realize how important water is to our sport, although this, to me, looks like a David vs. Goliath matchup. It is time we mobilize the fly fishing community, all the diverse organizations in every way possible, with common goals and a unified vision for the future of Texas puddles, ponds, creeks, rivers, reservoirs, lakes, bays and the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s doubtful that I will have any time for intimate original interviews on the new Texas Water Conservation topic. I will instead have to rely on trolling the internet for news releases, and the freedom of information act that requires so much of today’s backroom bargaining eventually be displayed in public. Once I find the proper keywords, I’ll implement the power of google search to find this information for me on a daily basis. If you know anything about Texas water issues, I am begging you to become involved here as a simple way to share your knowledge of what’s happening with Texas water policy, and how it affects (or will affect) you or us, now and in the future of Texas fly fishing.

The new series will be called Water Wednesdays, and will premiere this Wednesday. Just like fly fishing, I will be learning about Texas Water with you, as we go along.Remember, as you read a story here on Texas Fly Caster, that you can click on the title to this story and it will open by itself in the same window. None of that matters. What matters is the bottom of that individual post which displays related posts. That is generated by some internal “fuzzy logic” that seems to be working pretty well. Don’t ask me how it does it. Magic I guess.

If you aren’t interested in what makes our sport tick (water), and are jonesin’ for more fly fish porn – FEAR NOT! Fish porn is only possible with our commitment to Texas Water Conservation, but fish porn won’t be replaced by a bunch of long winded essays on Texas Water Conservation. The goal is to show how all this goes hand-in-hand to solidify the future of the sport of fly fishing in Texas. If we get it right, the best days of fly fishing porn are ahead of us.

Have a great Memorial Day! I sincerely hope you are not working today.

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