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| May 28, 2013

texassalt2My friend CK has been lining up a trip to Port O’Connor, Texas, for a few weeks now, and along the way he booked a day with Scott Sommerlatte to go out and show CK the ropes on his new boat – a Blue Wave 22. Of course, being the salty DOG that I am, I can’t help but turn green with envy when it comes to anyone fortunate, skilled and determined enough to be a top shelf guide on the Texas Gulf Coast.

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ALL IMAGES – Courtesy Scott Sommerlatte

Not only is Scott Sommerlatte a top shelf guide, he’s a regular beat writer on the preeminent Texas Saltwater Fishing Magazine, and has articles appear in other publications all the time. (What comes after green on the envy scale?) If you don’t have a subscription to Texas Saltwater Fishing and are planning on saltwater fly fishing, a subscription to that magazine is a must.

Anyway, CK, who I guess just likes to see me twist in the wind, sent me a Scott Sommerlatte update recently. Apparently Scott is splitting his time between Texas and Florida. Whoa, now who couldn’t live with that migration? This is an unsolicited plug; be sure to visit Scott’s website, and check out his schedule for Texas and Florida. He apparently has 30 days gone in Florida already, so if you were thinking of pulling the trigger here, maybe you could set your sights on Florida and fish with one of the most well known Texas saltwater guides – IN FLORIDA!

Check out his website – Scott Sommerlatte
Photo gallery – Scott Sommerlatte photographs

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