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| April 20, 2022

I completed a new, and EXPLOSIVE, video on where and how to fly fish the flats on a particular flat on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, yesterday. That video will only be out on my Patreon Fly Fishing Channel tomorrow. I took another look at the Lone Star Lodge – formerly Lantana Lodge – on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, recently as well.


It appears the pieces are coming together at Ray Roberts for a brand new 500 slip marina on the east side of Lake Ray Roberts, and just about a mile out of town – due west of Pilot Point, Texas. I have long predicted the worm would turn for sleepy Pilot Point, and while we were sleeping – the worm did turn.

While backtracking to find more information on the Denton 380 Greenbelt Disaster on the Fort Worth Division of USACE website, I stumbled across (yeah I am no “investigator”) a document in the site on the “Final Draft Lone Star Marina.” It appears to be a checklist that approves the construction of the new marina based on zero impact. Let me be perfectly clear here: I am 100-percent FOR this new marina.

A new marina on Lake Ray Roberts accomplishes so many things economically, and is unavoidable to the future of Lake Ray Roberts. Someday, in the future, this lake will be an “Inside The Loop” lake for the huge Messtroplex that continues to swallow up land like a giant two-headed beast (Dallas-Fort Worth). People! Realize we are living in Houston Circa 1985, and take advantage of the unavoidable and unstoppable growth – whatever your business is! There is only one stop-sign for the “Houston-ification” of North Texas – The Red River.


The road leading to the new Ray Roberts Marina is one lane each way. Do we see a problem there? There will be a day when traffic backs up on that sleepy little stretch that is a haven for buzzards. A marina, by its own weight, brings pollution; boat motors leaking, trashy abusers of their rights to exist, noise, traffic on land and water … and who knows what else. But it does not offset the needs of the few by the needs of the many. IF Pilot Point City Officials are reading, they have a dog in this fight, and should hire someone just to oversee the environmental impact of the new Lone Star Lodge Marina. I can imagine no government organization wants to touch this (like the Denton Greenbelt Debacle) because it is another (my term) multi-jurisdictional area, with the USACE, TPWD and the City of Pilot Point all involved on different levels of the marina’s development. Do you see a hot potato?

Future Coverage of the New Lone Star Lodge Marina

I was heading out to show you the progress on the new Marina today, but weather closed in to make this day only good for the resident ducks and geese – both of which were still resident there earlier this week! Stay tuned as I begin to cover one of the biggest stories to hit Lake Ray Roberts since the zebra mussel invasion several years ago.

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