GoPro – The Fly Fishing Camera of Choice

| April 21, 2022


Yeah, I don’t know why I should have to find the solution to a problem that, in all reality, should not exist. I did not discover this work-around, but it does not seem to be getting nearly as much air time as the guys with the HUGE and I mean HUGE followings on YouTube that TALK ABOUT the problem and not the “solution.” I believe it is because they get a lot more mileage (clicks/views) from the problem than from solving the problem?

Recent GoPro Camera model releases are prone to overheating while in use. They shut down without warning. The won’t start back up until they cool off. That’s what keeps them a true amateur camera. There are some settings in-camera that can slow the overheating even further, but I am showing an external – HARDWARE – band-aid to the overheating GoPro problem.


Even with the overheating, you will be hard-pressed to find me on the water WITHOUT a GoPro along for the ride. Now, I even use these little cameras in controlled situations, like the video I shot on GoPro about GoPro overheating! Yeah, until my Nikon Z9 arrives, and that should be soon; I am very happy with what I get from these little cameras – MOST of the time.

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