Heating Up and Raining Down

| April 25, 2022

The schedule is starting to get crowded with booked dates, and as always the weekends are primetime for local fly fisher’s schedules – this season is no different from any other.

Threading the weekend needle is a trick. That is because weekend windows, are by definition limited to weekends! If we get a weather closeout, it may be a week or a month before the schedule stars align once again. If you want to do yourself a favor this season, try scheduling during the week … yes, we all serve somebody, but to serve the fish your fine fly? You have to serve the fish.

Rain O’er Me

We measured 2.5-inches of precipitation in the gauge last night into this morning, here at the homestead. And yet the wind, shifted to north, continues to blow … and blow. That is becoming a problem, as it is brutally blowing off what would be some fantastic days on the fly. If you are watching my weather station on Wunderground, the gauge needs calibrating – ignore the rainfall amounts!

Denton Greenbelt Disaster

I was heartened when I was “identified” at Mariner Sails Dallas last Friday – by a young man who said he’s from Flower Mound, and has been watching the Denton Greenbelt Disaster videos on YouTube, and has e mailed some of the pressure points I put in the description on those videos. We had a short conversation, in agreement that the powers-that-be seem to have no care for the positive economic impact, the recreational attraction or the environmental impact this disaster is having locally – NONE, ZERO. The powers don’t even comprehend it. I have to remind myself again, almost every single Monday: This is already a marathon, no sprints are possible. Patience is a virtue, but so is positive militant change!

Getting Out

Regardless of the weather, a late April cold front in this case, wind in this case: We’re going to get out and see some things this week, do some things this week. And you might just be surprised! The Patreon Channel – Fly Fishing is taking hold now, with exclusive videos on the hottest spots I know about and hit. There is the beginner’s fly fishing video series as well – a series that breaks down the art and science of fly fishing into small (the smallest) chum to keep you from being overwhelmed as so many beginners are – by the alien information that is FLY FISHING. The Patreon Channel is also where No Holds Barred Commentary related to the big picture of fly fishing will be found – references to violent personal threats received years ago and the like … who said fly fishing is “non-violent?” Some things are best never forgotten – just in case my body turns up. Is the Channel worth the price of admission? Time will tell, time will tell.

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