Living Waters Fly Shop Trout Day December 7th.

| December 5, 2013

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December 7th, Saturday
9:30 A.M. — Texas Trout 101
Most everything you need to know about how to catch trout on the Guadalupe River this season! We will cover topics such as presentations, fly selection, playing fish, and effective release techniques! Bring a notebook and a pen because there will be a lot of information to record!

1:30 P.M – Reading the Water
Many anglers do not know how to properly “read the water” to find prime fish holding locations, this clinic will teach you the basic essentials! If you know what kind of water the fish are looking for, it makes your job of finding fish that much easier!

3:00 P.M – Gear/Rigging
In this clinic we will cover all of the core elements of trout gear. Learn the finer points of rigging for trout! We will cover dry/droppers, double nymph dropper, finesse dry fly, emergers, and more! This clinic will literally save you hours on the water! We have some short cuts that will keep you fishing more and rigging less!

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