Water Wednesday Lack of Freshwater Threatens Matagorda Estuary from Texas Tribune

| December 4, 2013

matagorda bay fly fishing

I happened to track down this video, which talks directly about the impact of freshwater not flowing into the bays of the Texas Gulf Coast. Do you think this problem will be better, or worse, when new reservoirs are brought online to hold even more freshwater from reaching the Texas Gulf Coast estuaries.

This video came from the Texas Tribune. I am not real sure what your political leanings or Texas Tribune’s political leanings are, but I think the video is speaking straight truth. According to this video, damage is being done now by the drought. Imagine the damage humans can do.

Perhaps this will convince one person that the drought that is beating us down is also delivering a beating to saltwater fisheries as well, and our future multi-billion water spending needs to address all Texas’ water concerns – from the Texas Panhandle to Padre Island.

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