Frozen Solid and Antsy – Strange Days Indeed

| December 7, 2013

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Fly Fishing in TexasWe are basically frozen in here in North Texas. It’s day two of “ice-mageddon” in a place not known for polar temperatures (single digits a few miles north of here), and the media seems to be settling down a bit. As far as media is concerned, I am subjecting myself to high doses of the World Fishing Network, and I find it interesting how each show has at least one flaw built in to the production – all the way through, every episode.

For obvious reasons, the helicopters were hovering nearby our house last night covering a twelve mile backup along I35E at 380. It was one of those surreal moments when you hear the chopper, and see the picture on the news simultaneously. For any of you who are mobile, and stopped on the highway near Denton, Texas, feel free to come by for some hot coffee and a bagel. For directions – 9four0three8zero0four0eight. It’s like I tweeted last night @texasflycaster; get out of your cars and walk into town!

I am slowly recovering my motivation to write up the Black Friday story. To sum it up, it was the first BLANK ever on a Black Friday. It was so slow that I had time to really think about what superstitions we have as fishers. I also had a lot of time to try and back through the variables that made two days of blind casting an eight weight the failure that it was … a little science and a little voodoo. How’s that for balance?

Right now, housebound as I am, it is a good time to think of new ways to generate the new income that will be needed to move forward with more exciting, and more successful, adventures. I was wondering just how many of you have GoPro cameras out there? I am looking to launch a new website based on GoPros very, very soon. As many problems as I’ve had with GoPros, they are obviously improving and here to stay. But I have been told that I may not be as technically challenged as some people, so you can get a hint of where the new website is going.

This much I do know: This has been a great week for finding out who some of my friends really are in the work world. “Strange days indeed,” – John Lennon

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