Lake Athens Fly Fishing

| May 26, 2020

Special Appearance by Danny Scarborough

Hey fellow Texas Fly Casters! Just dropping this video into the pool of piranha that comprises the Texas fly fishing community under lockdown AND bad weather!

We are all about ready for this rain to taper off, but the weatherheads are saying more rain through the week. Along with some complications with a suddenly ill friend in East Texas, things are looking a bit cloudy for the trip to Port O’Connor next week. No, it’s not the virus, but this one is bad (in reference to that friend).

The skiff is sitting outside, waiting for one of those soft rain spotless rinses, after a good scrub this morning … and now there’s no rain. Go figure. We’re probably going to raise the motor one more notch, and might be looking for a new jackplate in time for the coast. Talk about stuffing in some pressure-packed prep days!

The fly selections for the coast are all ready, and stocked up. STAY TUNED! More videos on the way this week!

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