Labor Days Ahead

| September 2, 2022

A Look at My Next Move

Let me make sure I heard this right. You’re going to go 563-miles south, move in fact, 563-miles south, and open a coffee and fly shop? all by yourself? in Port Isabel, Texas? Yup, apparently that is the plan – to leave house and home, in tact, and head back to the Borderlands where I was raised, set up shop on the diamond head of South Texas, open the doors before Halloween 2022, and slap a sign on the building that says, “Los Pescadores Coffee & Outfitters.”

It isn’t the final chapter of anyone’s life, especially mine! What it is is; one of those rare opportunities to get out in front and help build something that just might last, and even grow for a very long time. Fortunately, since I have no money, I have no stake in this game. If I did have money? Yeah, the geography of competition alone would have probably brought me into this retail game of chance.

So what goes into such an endeavor for someone like me, someone who could have set the cruise control, sat back, heck even taken my hands off the wheel and cruised, you might logically ask? 

It’s an opportunity, an opportunity to bring the joy of outdoor pursuits and specifically fly fishing, to the hispanic community and be an outpost in the Rio Grande Valley for anyone who has an interest in learning about fly fishing the Lower Laguna Madre of Texas.

It’s an opportunity to once again Show-and-Tell simple information, and complex information, with anyone who doesn’t know or is dying to know how they can successfully fly fish the vastness of the Lower Laguna Madre, Gulf of Mexico, Arroyo Colorado, Brownsville Ship Channel and freshwater resacas that are waiting for them, all around them. The brush-back pitches have already wizzed by my elbow, but those who would go down this road may find it perilous and strewn with huge potholes of truth … like the fact I am more local to South Padre Island than they are! I say so reluctantly, and involuntarily, but when it comes to “localism?” There is no place, no room for this behavior in my remaining life of fly fishing. I beat it back once – on the relatively inconsequential shores of Lake Ray Roberts, and maybe that is part of what prepared me for these times ahead. We’re already finding out, that much is certain.

Wait There’s More!

The list is long, but what is most important about Los Pescadores is that it is a chance to congregate a community, a community of individuals with a huge variety of differences who can gather because they may, or think they may have at least one thing in common. It could be as simple as a fantastic cup of coffee. It could be as simple as a great view of the Historic Lighthouse. It could be my charming personality. It could be the chance to hear or tell a great story. Or it could be the debate between tides and moon. The list goes on, and on, but I want you to find your thread at Los Pescadores, find it and weave it into the threads of others to create a unique tapestry that keeps you interwoven in this unique community adventure. While you’re at it; be sure to bring an open mind, a very open mind.


The sign is going up. We (specifically ME) will be looking for help at Los Pescadores in Port Isabel. If you think I am a unique individual, that is exactly what you would have to be to consider the living at Los Pescadores. Imagine, one foot in the fly fishing-outfitting world, and one foot in upscale coffee, and one in retail and bartending. Social networking? Media maven? Bilingual? Bonus! How many feet do we have? Even if you are not a millipede versed in all these talents, if you have one, or maybe two qualifications? Feel free to contact me. Before I throw the big net, let’s try this small net and see what happens, shall we?

The countdown has begun in earnest. This September, 2022, leads to October, and a huge transition for yours truly and readers like you who come to Texas Fly Caster for information on fly fishing, culture, knowledge and the mechanics of fly fishing. If you ride along? I will always live it in your view and tell you just how it all goes down – warts and all. I am under no restrictions as to what I talk about here at Texas Fly Caster, and there will be a period of time when this site crosses over to mingle with once it it up and running. It may be a long period of time actually, but I will always try to keep it in a “take-it-or-leave-it” style of cross reference or cross promotion.

Thanks for reading this Friday of Labor Day Weekend 2022, and stay off the water! It is the last holiday of summer, the one that marks the end of summer, and while we have ongoing rain here in North Texas, it can still get crazy wherever YOU are!

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