HOTSPOT – Cedar Lakes Texas for Slot Redfish – Including Satellite Maps

| November 5, 2014

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PREMIUM CONTENT – Satellite Maps of Key Spots

I just received some mapping from a fly fishing friend who is energetically exploring the upper Texas Gulf Coast since his return from a two year stint working in Europe. He’s completely taken in by fishing, conventional and fly, for redfish in the shallow flats from Galveston on down, and he seems to be getting further and further off the grid …

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In the notes he included, he mentions having items stolen out of the back bed of his truck parked at the free ramp, and it was confirmed that it is a very unsafe place to park by another friend Danny Scarborough of BUT, Danny also confirmed the place is a real HOTSPOT. This place does not have an option of walk and wade either; “mud up to you knees and waist” if you happen to get out of your kayak, “and there aren’t any flats burners either.” It’s too shallow. That’s a mix of bad and good news, but add Cedar Lakes to your plans, stay ON your boat, and you could be getting yourself into some great redfish action on the Texas Gulf Coast. Maybe you can find another safer place to park and launch. If you do, let us know so we can get that on the map as well. And remember not to leave ANYTHING you want to keep in / on your car. Thanks for the contribution!

Cedar Lakes Fly Fishing Map Wide View

Fly Fishing Map Cedar Lake DetailClick on these for large version of image! Feel free to drag these off to your desktop to add them to your fly fishing map collection for the Texas Gulf Coast.



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