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| November 3, 2017

Texas Fly Fishing Report GRTU Oklahoma TPWD Stocked Rainbow Trout

Good Friday, a First Friday in fact, to all of you. It’s a strange day. I was at a nearby boat ramp waiting for the sun to come up, but it never did … well, it did, but the talking weather heads had it all wrong once again – overcast, north wind at ten and fog. The prop never got wet. I was prepared for the predicted sunny 90-degree day, south wind at zero – what was supposed to be another record heat day for North Texas November. It didn’t help to get a text while sitting there waiting for the sun, telling me of the passing of a new and near friend overnight – from cancer. It just seemed to get colder and darker sitting there at the boat ramp. The weather reflects the mood today. READ MORE FREE —


There is a lot of news from the GRTU – Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited – about their stretch of the Guad, and predictions for this fall and winter. NOTE – Whether anyone realizes it or not, if you can float, you can float through the leases procured by GRTU. That’s not really new news, but if you are new to fly fishing? your wheels are probably already turning. Remember that a fresh crop of TPWD stockers will feed those striper for weeks, and they will get bigger, and bigger … STAY TUNED – there are at least three news releases by the GRTU folks that will be republished here in coming days, and they are extremely good information.

The stocking of Oklahoma’s Blue River began earlier than originally announced this year, and they do keep this information intentionally vague and imprecise. As fly fishers, that is exactly what we want. If you are a stocker-eater, then you will have to try and find the pattern for a fish-food-tasting meal. Good luck with that.

November also signifies the beginning of the worst program ever financed by the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. The disgusting waste of TPWD funds to stock city ponds with paled rainbow farm trout is about to go online, but I think it’s time to end my publication of that program, or links, or anything related to this wasteful program. IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN, emphasis on CHILDREN, who want to fish for these poor fish – you can look on the TPWD website and find it easily. Feel free to search this site for past opinions and observations about this program HIT THIS LINK – TPWD TROUT STOCKING over the years at Texas Fly Caster.

Other than the Guadalupe, it’s harder to find any good lake opportunities as the weather shifts. There’ll be a resurgence of bass action as they prepare for their winter, but if the weather remains this confusing, who knows what the late 2017-2018 Texas bass pattern will be? We can probably expect some “turning over” of Northern Texas lakes this month, although I still debate the idea of a true technical lake “turnover” in most instances.

For those who feel deprived of your YouTube fix, just put a $20 in the slot and I will do a video just for YOU! For those of you who believe everything you can possibly know about fly fishing should be free (Bernie lost by the way)? Get ready. Charging for YouTube videos is coming soon to a channel you like!

Texas Oklahoma Fly Fishing Report


Lower Illinois: October 29. Elevation normal, water 55 and clear to murky. Trout fair on PowerBait below the dam, along the spillway and Watts area. Stocking will resume soon as water quality conditions continue to improve. Report submitted by Jeremy Bersche, game warden stationed in Sequoyah County.

Blue River: October 31. Elevation normal, water 60 and clear. Smallmouth, largemouth and spotted bass fair on crankbaits, flukes and jigs around brush structure and points. Channel catfish good on chicken liver, dough bait and stinkbait along channels and deeper pools behind breaks in the current. Stocked approximately 4,800 rainbow trout on October 31. Report submitted by Matt Gamble, biologist at the Blue River Public Fishing and Hunting Area.

Lower Mountain Fork: October 29. Elevation normal, water clear. Trout good on minnows, small lures and worms along creek channels and the spillway. Report submitted by Mark Hannah, game warden stationed in McCurtain County.

Lower Mountain Fork: October 31. Stocked approximately 1,600 rainbow trout on October 25. Report submitted by April Drake, secretary at the southeast region office.

Texoma: October 31. Elevation normal, water murky. Striped bass good on flukes, shad and topwater lures below the dam, along flats and points. Blue and channel catfish good on cut bait, punch bait and shad below the dam, in the main lake, around points, riprap and river mouth. Crappie good on minnows and jigs around brush structure, docks and standing timber. Report submitted by Cody Jones, game warden stationed in Bryan County.


North SabineTrout are good under birds and pods of shad on soft plastics. Redfish and flounder are good in the marsh on shrimp. Flounder are good on shrimp, shad and Gulps at the mouths of bayous.

South Sabine – Trout are fair to good under birds and pods of shad. Redfish are good at the jetty on live bait and cracked crabs. Flounder are good on Gulps around marsh drains.

Bolivar – Trout, black drum, sand trout and redfish are good at Rollover Pass. Trout are fair to good while drifting shell on plastics. Bull redfish are good on the beachfront.

Trinity Bay – Trout are good for drifters working pods of shad and mullet on soft plastics and Gulps. Redfish are fair to good on the east shoreline on topwaters. Some birds have worked.

East Galveston Bay – Trout and large Gulf trout are good for drifters working deep shell on plastics and fresh shrimp. Redfish and flounder are fair to good in the marsh around drains on shrimp.

West Galveston Bay – Bull redfish and flounder are good at San Luis Pass on shrimp and shad. Sheepshead, redfish and black drum are good at the jetty on shrimp and crabs.

Texas City – Gulf trout are good in the channel on fresh shrimp. Redfish are good in Moses Lake on shrimp.

Freeport – Trout and redfish are fair to good on the reefs in Christmas Bay and Bastrop Bay. Bull redfish are good around Surfside and at the Quintana jetty on crabs, shrimp and mullet.

East Matagorda Bay – Redfish are fair to good in the middle of the bay under birds. Trout are good for drifters on Bass Assassins and Down South Lures over humps and scattered shell. Trout and flounder are fair to good on muddy shorelines on soft plastics.

West Matagorda Bay – Trout are good on sand and grass humps on soft plastics and topwaters. Redfish are good on live shrimp at Shell Island, Oyster Lake, Crab Lake and Mad Island on the incoming tide. Flounder are fair to good on the edges of the river on speck–rigs.

Port O’connor – Bull redfish are good at the jetty on crabs, mullet and shad. Trout are good on the reefs in San Antonio Bay on live shrimp and soft plastics.RockportTrout are fair in the channel on free–lined shrimp. Redfish are good in Redfish Bay on mullet and crabs. Bull redfish are good in the Lydia Ann Channel and around Mud Island on shrimp and crabs.

Port Aransas – Trout are fair on the drop–offs while wading the channel on topwaters. Redfish are fair at Shamrock Cove and Pelican Island on topwaters and Gulps. Bull redfish are good at the jetty and on the beachfront on natural baits.

Corpus Christi – Bull redfish are good in the surf on mullet and shrimp. Trout are fair for waders working mud and grass on Super Spook Jrs and Gulps in Oso Bay.

Baffin Bay – Trout are good on topwaters and plum plastics around rocks and grass near the Land Cut. Trout are good while drifting deep rocks on plum plastics. Flounder are good in the Land Cut on Gulps and jigs tipped with shrimp.

Port MansfieldRedfish are good while drifting pot holes on topwaters and soft plastics under a popping cork. Trout and redfish are fair to good on the spoils on small topwaters and gold spoons.

South Padre – Redfish are good in Airport Cove and on the Gas Well Flats on DOA Shrimp and Gulps. Trout are fair to good in on the flats on topwaters and Gulps under rattling corks. Bull redfish are good at the jetty.

Port Isabel – Trout and redfish are good over potholes and grass flats on scented baits and topwaters. Redfish and flounder are fair to good in Cullen Bay on Gulps and small topwaters.

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