| July 18, 2014

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You may have already heard, or checked the websites to see that Lake Ray Roberts went up almost two feet yesterday! Now how often do I use exclamation points in the first sentence?

It has been awhile since a “FISH FLASH,” but that’s what this is. We have a sudden rise in the lake level at Ray Roberts, and all (two feet worth) that greenery that has developed on the drought stricken lake is now in the water. Bugs, vegetation … cooler weather, it’s a cocktail of pure Agave tequila for carp. And they are getting drunk.

This kind of action is reminiscent of way back in 2008 when things went crazy to an even greater degree, as Ray Roberts went over its conservation pool.

Watch the video. If you’ve booked a guided trip, it’s time to schedule it. If you were thinking about booking, there’s nothing I can do for you if you miss this opportunity. Ladies Night is off until further notice. And with all due respect, those of you who wrangle “outings with friends” can give it a little rest as well.

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  1. shannon says:

    We are going to give these videos a lot more time to soak into the internet, and give loyal readers time to get back to the site and check them out.
    So the review of the Orvis Helios 2 will wait until next week! – THX the management department …

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