Fly Fishing the Pecos River Outside Santa Fe New Mexico

| October 30, 2014

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Pecos River New Mexico rainbow trout.

NOTE – It’s about time I fired this one off to those of you who are interested in doing something a little more adventurous while the significant others are sampling the chocolate at Kakawa this holiday season in Santa Fe. This was a trip I did back in September, but so many more stories got in the way since then, that it is just now finding its way to the top of the pile.

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  • Information on fly fishing the Pecos River in early fall 2014
  • Information on The Reel Life fly shop
  • How and where to catch rainbow trout along the main Pecos River east of Santa Fe
  • Santa Fe restaurant recommendations
  • Technical summary of gear and techniques for fly fishing this part of the Pecos

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Everybody should find a way to Santa Fe. Yes, I know the song said, “San Jose,” but I have been to both, and Santa Fe is a heck of a lot closer to Texas. 


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