Out of Hibernation and Into the Cold

| January 5, 2013


First, if you aren’t taking advantage of this spectacular North Texas freshwater trout weather, shame shame! These cold overcast days spell success on nearby Blue River and more distant Broken Bow, Oklahoma. My thoughts are still reaching a bit further, and in both directions … talk about ripped apart!

Success at synthetic trout is a virtual guarantee right now in Oklahoma’s heavily stocked trout fisheries at Broken Bow and at the Blue River, and as I reported last year, Medicine kdkdkkd the newest trout pond. What’s on my mind is a bit more distant though – the Lower Illinois in Oklahoma. If you read the Oklahoma Wildlife Department’s reports regularly, as do I, that place is always on. And if you haven’t been to that part of Oklahoma, it is dramatically beautiful.

The other appendages are being pulled south and east – to the Texas Gulf Coast, where from the look of things, they are still catching fish in many locations, many ways and with reckless abandon. I have to remind myself that no matter how cold it is on the coast, I’ve been in real cold, and have everything I need to keep warm … at least I think I do. Kayaking in waders and dropping off to wade in the wide open … just sounds cold(er).

Here, behind the scenes, it’s getting awfully close to time to pull the trigger on a new site design. There’s no single design that does everything I want, but I have looked at nearly a hundred different designs and I am starting to realize what I don’t want it to look like! I may be able to come up with a design that’s so scattershot, it actually gives the readers an opportunity to explore a lot of different streams of information AND allow for the parallel pursuit of this new exploration into the soul of fly fishing. With gain comes pain, and you can bet some function will appear and disappear while you are sitting there just staring at this site on your screen. If you have anything you like or would like, or hate and want to be a hater – now is the time to have an influence on the future appearance of Texas Fly Caster. Speak now, or forever hold your peace.

– Club memberships and licenses — New Year time for renewal
– I am about ready to push everything to the back of the bus, and spend some time on what I think is an entirely new and huge wave of water craft – micro skiffs. Look for that post soon.
– Why Tiger Woods can’t fly fish. A post on what Tiger’s problem is, and how it makes it impossible for him to be a fly fisher. File this one under “Fly Fishing Soul.”
– Buy on the Rumor – Where the fish are right now and how to catch them during the Texas winter (a real winter this year).
– E Book on fly fishing for carp in Texas Lake Flats is finished and goes on sale very soon.
– I have been invited to do an hour lecture on basic fly fishing topics at the Freswhater Fishery in Athens, Texas. I accepted. Now what should I talk about in the way of “Basic Fly Fishing” topics? I bet there’s something here in the archives somewhere. Recycle – Reuse – Rock and Roll.
– First fly rod build gets underway next month. Thinking about cool tenkara rods for kids.


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