Fly Fishing Father’s Day 2014 Suggestions Part One

| June 10, 2014

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I can’t remember the last time I did a Father’s Day post on great fly fishing gifts for the fly fishing dad. Really, there’s a good reason for that as I am not a full blown parent, so I am very much out of that entire loop. Giving is so much better anyway, isn’t it?

This year I am going to break the gift ideas down into many different categories of giving, based on no logic whatsoever. Our first category for Father’s Day 2014 fly fishing dads is …


Generally, there are a lot of very high quality products offered by many US companies, and those products are manufactured all over the world. However there are products, that will change the way your fly dad thinks, and their origins are right here in Texas, USA.

You’ve heard me rave on about Clear Cure Goo (CCG) for what, years now? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – CCG is a fly tying game changer. It’s pretty humorous when I found one of my friends ordering CCG only after she saw it endorsed by a famous fly tier. THEN, it was something to behold. Whatever.

If you do spring for the Clear Cure Goo, be sure to get the most powerful light and HYDRO Goo. That’s all you need. Click on the following links, and you support a very worthy local cause with no extra cost!
The Clear Cure Goo Pro Plus Light – 3x stronger then basic light – Fly Tying

Clear Cure Goo Hydro Fly Tying Epoxy

Get him a guide! Why not give the gift that is guaranteed to keep on giving. My guide services have never been a better value than right now with the BOGO I have going on! And my goal is for dad to walk away knowing how to get out and do it himself if he wants. I’m no chiropractor; he won’t have to keep coming back for adjustments. If he’s a beginner, lessons are another gift that keeps on giving. Simply contact me, and I will fill you in on all these services. Gift certificates are also available – to print and give – of course.

SHOP AT THE ONLY LOCAL fly shop in North Central Texas! Dallas’ Tailwaters Fly Fishing Company in Uptown Dallas. Whether it’s a trip to Belize, or studs for his new Simms boots, you’ll find it at Tailwaters – the bricks & mortar store or the online store. The guys at Tailwaters also have a good ear to the rail when it comes to knowing what’s going on in the local fly fishing scene.

And for those shoppers in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and elsewhere across Texas: We owe it to our local fly shops to at least give our local fly shops a look for Father’s Day don’t we? It’s easy enough to shop online, and most, if not all, the mom & pops now have functional online stores.

SHOP AT POPS Fly Shop! That is the Texas Fly Caster outlet for products that are unique or hard to find elsewhere. I have books, flies and other unique items for the person looking for something for Dad that isn’t cookie-cutter. The shop is being updated constantly, and you can also get gift certificates there – in $10-dollar increments.

How about a locally owned fly rod juggernaut? Temple Forks Outfitters is based in Dallas, Texas, and has made its reputation on fine fly rods, in wide array of configurations at a great price. TFO fly rods are made in South Korea, but sold by most major big box and mom & pop fly shops across the USA.

If dad is already a fly fisher, and fly tier, give him some of the best fly tying components available. You can purchase some great fly tying products from Allen Fly Fishing, located right here in Southlake, Texas. I like their barbell eyes so much, I buy them 100 at a time! I plan on visiting their location this summer, and getting my hands on their rods and reels to see how they feel.

KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY, and get dad a paid subscription to Texas Fly Caster’s new premium content – coming this summer. Just keep your eyes on the site, and when the time comes you’ll find it easy to keep him reading complete stories about the places he wants to fly fish.

Get dad a membership to a local fly fishing club! The hub for Texas fly fishing clubs is at the website I built for the organization at There you will find a fly shop in your region. Clubs are a good resource for finding friends to fly fish with, for great lectures by prominent fly fishing personalities and for a good dose of knowledge. I am currently a member of four clubs – the Fort Worth Fly Fishers, Texas Women Fly Fishers, Coastal Conservation Association (Fort Worth chapter) and am a lifer at Trout Unlimited — and have made friends along the way – through all these organizations.

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