Fly Fishing Father’s Day 2014 Suggestions Part TWO

| June 11, 2014

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I hope you found something for dad’s day in the first story “Fly Fishing Father’s Day 2014 Suggestions Part ONE,” but if you didn’t, feel free to take one of these suggestions and run with it.

Were I a dad, one of the things I would like to have would be an entire box of Arturo Fuente Cigars. And not just any Fuente will do: I want the “Hemmingway Short Story.” It’s a fantastic cigar, although a small smoke and difficult to find, I have found a supply of them right here in North Texas. A store on I35E in Denton, Texas, Cigar Frogs has the Short Story and a fantastic selection of other cigars. You’ll just have to look them up as their site is broken.

And what better to wash down the taste of a cigar than a good beer? It’s getting hotter, and summer can rightly take its place in our discussions. To me that means lighter beers, hops, wheat and lagers. If you are still in transition from spring to summer beers, have a look at all the beer by Four Corners Brewing in Dallas, Texas. El Chingon will rock your world.

So if the lung / throat cancer doesn’t scare him, the liver is good, that’s great! How about the skin? We fly fishers spend a lot of time in the sun, A LOT of time. Five products will go a long way toward keeping him in one piece.

BUFF HEADWEAR – Get dad a Buff. They’re great for keeping that bouncing sunlight (bouncing off the water) off his face, ears and neck. Buy Hugger Mugger Buff Headwear, One Size, Black here.

SMARTSHIELD SUN SCREEN LOTION – The Smart Shield company originates here in Texas. Their products are endorsed by Lefty Kreh and distributed by Temple Forks Outfitters. This is the best suntan lotion available for fishermen of all sorts. It doesn’t damage fly lines, and it doesn’t kill bait. There’s not another Texas caliber suntan lotion that makes that claim. Try the spray! Spray sunscreens have proven to be better covering than lotions.

GET DAD A HAT – Full brimmed hats are so underrated! How about a straw hat from a company located right here in Texas? Visit Sun Body Hats if you are in Houston, Texas, and pick a straw hat out for him this summer. I have a Sun Body hat that has been subject to years of hard wearing, and it just won’t quit. They’re good hats. (You may want to add 1/8″ to allow for the Buff to go up and under as well.)

BUFF GLOVES – The tops of fly fisher’s hands are extremely exposed. Buff Headwear to the rescue! There are a few choices when it comes to fly fishing gloves, but Buff gloves are twice as thick as most of the others, and that means they last longer and greatly reduce the slices and sticks you get from gill plates and fins.

POLARIZED SUNGLASSES – The two main companies we trust with our eyes for UV protection, and polarized lenses are, Smith Optics and Costa del Mar Sunglasses. This is one of those gifts that does two things to the max – 1) protects his eyes, and, 2) helps him see subsurface fish. That’s a killer win-win gift! Be sure to check out Smith’s new Chroma Pop lenses. Apparently they have Superman qualities.Smith Optics Frontman Premium Lifestyle Polarized Sports Sunglasses – Tortoise/Chromapop Brown

Father’s Day fly fishing gifts Part 3 will be out tomorrow at the latest. There will be plenty of time for you to take care of Dad this Father’s Day!

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