Rolling out the BOGO – A New Idea Takes Shape

| March 27, 2014

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This is one of those ideas that is better left to video than to the written word. Maybe because I have tried to write this one ten times, and can’t get past the frustration of all I have been through to try and line up technical poling skiffs for this season – with what turns out in the end to be – no luck.

Well, this idea has some canines to it. I am basically calling on all the folks who are high on the idea to bite down, and those who know how well this idea works for our purposes, to Book One Get One — guided fly fishing trip. I realize it’s unprecedented in the guide business, but why not try something new?

What we are doing here is measuring your real down to earth, where the rubber hits the road, (insert your cliche’ here), commitment to wanting to have a boatload of fun chasing carp, and … well watch the video for YOUR BONUS … other opportunities.

I knew that these skiffs were the future a few years ago (search the site), as the water was dropping and carp habitat was disappearing. I proved it to you last year (search the site). And that’s what sent me down a (as it turns out) couple of empty rabbit holes looking for local skiffs to rent. We’re done with that idea – DONE. Folks chasing carp from a boat with a fly rod is not undiscovered by any means, but I see no reason to take this to whole new level. Do you?

Watch the video.

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  1. shannon says:

    We are on the way to making this work as of April 10. IF you were expecting a ride at the beginning of the season, it will not be THAT soon. We have about 20 full days you need to book on the BOGO.

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