Fall Fly Fishing Patterns and Tips for North Texas Lakes

| August 31, 2012

largemouth bass on fly rod

Times are a changin’ on North Texas lakes, and some of the fall patterns can kick in when the temperatures unexpectedly drop earlier than usual. I caught this nice largemouth bass on fly last night as a band of rain was about to threaten (and not happen). It was an evening that included catfish (again) and gaspergou. If it goes back to crazy normal weather (100-degree days), this action could easily be put back off a little longer. What a strange year indeed.


NOTE – I hope you enjoy this video. It was a quick edit, and my video settings got whacked when I went through a recent upgrade (it looks terrible to me). If you have any ideas on best settings for exporting videos, please let me know. Thanks for reading and watching.

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