Early Morning Load Up

| April 18, 2014

texoma fly fishing texas stripers carp
The coffee maker just made its final gurgle, like a dead man’s lung full of pneumonia. The giant opossums in our neighborhood are probably headed home after a night of feasting on dog food all over, fat as ticks.

The peanut butter sandwichers are slathered, and packed, as well as water, striper Clousers, an eight weight with sinking line, a couple layers of clothes and more flies for whatever we may see on Lake Texoma today, what I’m hoping to see on Texoma today.

When you’re fishing with a GIS expert, not only does he have classified lake maps, he’s always got something to show you on his phone. Me? I was looking at the numbers on the topo lines and drooling over the one possibility I don’t hear much about at Texoma – massive shallows near ancient creeks and the Red River bed. Carp next to open water? “I gotta get me some of that,” as Lefty would say.

If we get into it today, I will try and throw out some good old fish porn here – posting by phone. Keep your eyes on the Instagram block on the left, if nothing else works.


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