Drone On – Lake Ray Roberts

| September 1, 2023

Aerial Look at North Texas’ Best Carp Flats – Water Level Dropping Fast!

I lost count long ago – on how many times I have been on the surface of this area of Lake Ray Roberts, Texas, but I have never been above it – until now! The use of a drone – to show and tell – is essentially assaulting fish with a deadly weapon as far as I am concerned. In this video, I spotted a couple of fish still plowing the flats AFTER I had already been all over them chasing fish off by the dozens.

In case you do not watch the video? Note; the conditions are changing fast. The water is dropping, and revealing new flats, and at the same time bringing vegetation into play for fly fishers. This vegetation gives the fish we chase room to escape unseen. And if they are mulling around in this stuff, FORGET ABOUT IT. The accuracy of a cast amounts to plucking these fish by dapping from right above them – a heck of a challenge for anyone standing on the deck of a skiff!

And the HEAT is still on here in North Texas. We’re looking at 100’s through Labor Day 2023 and on into the holiday shortened week next week. While August did not break all the records for temperatures and lack of rainfall, it did place respectably in all historic weather categories – TOP 5 for average daily temp, daily highs, nightly lows, lack of rainfall and days over 100-degrees. Not too shabby by Texas standards, is it?

Remember that Monday will be an off day for the Monday Morning Sidewalk! That is a day dedicated to “The Dude,” and no NEW work will be found here. In fact, I will be running reruns in coming months – on a regular basis, on the weekends. The popular Monday Morning Sidewalk will just be a reminder – to watch “The Big Lebowski,” again this Labor day. Thanks as always for reading and commenting if you feel happy or mad enough to do so! The echo chamber door is always open for another voice folks.

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