Carp and Gar on the Skids

| April 30, 2008

fly fishing for gar and carp

Just the title “Carp and Gar” are enough to give some the willies, but there’s no shrugging off the challenge that Carp provide, and there’s no getting over the prehistoric nature of Gar. Both are plentiful right now in some areas of Ray Roberts, and I was fortunate enough to land what was about a 3 to 4 pound Carp today.

I have to admit the Gar were everywhere and do give me the creeps a bit. They are difficult to see, and when you are right on them, they launch like arrows.

The Carp will be immortalized on a new web site for local guide Joel Hays, and the site should go online within the next week. We also have news of a Casting Clinic for beginners that will happen on May 18. This is for those who are just starting out and may have never even used a fly rod before.

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