South Padre Island Fly Fishing Report – POONs!

| May 1, 2008

great flies for night trout south padre texas flyfishing

Hi Shannon!
I went out to the Jetties last night to meet up with another local fly guy and I cannot believe what we saw. Unfortunately a nasty south wind kept us from casting to them, but the ship channel was full of tarpon rolling and breaking the surface. For me it was a very new experience but the tarpon were just massive, easily mistakable for a porpoise that are common in that ship channel. On the way out to the end of the Jettie I am certain I saw Jacks busting bait fish near the beach. As we were musing how the tarpon always stayed up wind a monster leapt in to the air 70 feet from us on the surf side, down wind.

Also, I had great luck with the flies you sent me two weekends ago under the lights. It turns out all I needed to do was to wait for the shrimp hatch and then they worked like a charm. All winter long I’ve worked fish patterns under the lights, but finally I had to switch to a shrimp pattern. Hopefully I can work them again this Friday!

David McDonald

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