Lefty Kreh on the Injured Reserve

| May 3, 2008

Lefty Kreh

A little news late in getting to us, was delivered yesterday when visiting TFO Headquarters. Apparently back in March Lefty Kreh suffered a nasty injury when stepping off a platform while in the midst of a casting lesson. I was asking about Lefty while at TFO because I, along with probably hundreds of other people, met him when he was doing a clinic sponsored by Tailwaters last year.

It is still up in the air as far as whether he makes it back this year to make the Tailwaters gig an annual event, but Lefty who’s a righty (he says because of a freak housecleaning event), would not surprise me at all to be casting from a wheelchair or crutches.

The Dan Blanton bulletin board has more – mostly on what not to do – about Lefty Kreh.


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  1. lane says:

    do you mean Lefty Krehgel

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