Captives of the Plague

| May 11, 2020

Good Monday Morning ye captives of the plague. It looks like we are starting to see the light of how the new day of new communication and the new way to perpetuate consumerism is dawning. How many of you have bought into the trend of fly shop raffles?

I am, as so often, behind the knowledge curve on these things. Apparently, fly shops are easily generating operating costs (less employee costs) by having daily – weekly raffles of top-shelf products, and it is a trend that is spreading Nationwide. My brother-in-law got away with a brand new Scott Radian fly rod AND a Sage Motive fly rod from a single fly shop in New Mexico! His investment was pretty minimal. What I wonder is: Is this a version of online gambling? It is a “game of chance” right? I love sticking a finger in the eye of “The Man” any chance I get, so …

As soon as I can figure this out, I will be rolling out my own raffle for guide trips – single person – on Lake Ray Roberts for carp on the fly. Far be it from me to not try some new gimmick to bring some unsuspecting people into the cult of carp on fly!


We have a couple of videos in the can (uncut and needing editing and production) waiting for the magical edits that make them so raving popular (all humor intended), and I sit here this Monday morning writing this, instead of paying attention to the weather outside – which is completely different from the local news forecast last night. The horror. The horror.


I also have a story ready to go about creating patterns for your own personal movements – to be more efficient about where to go and when to go near, OR far to fly fish different locations. The story is called, “Efficiency and Opportunity,” and basically outlines how I determine where to go during these unique times. Today is a perfect example of what we face here in North Texas decision making – a bad weather forecast, while the weather is good, peak seasonal fly fishing opportunities RIGHT NOW, and all the opportunity in the world to GET OUT AND GO.

So, with that, I will cut this Monday Morning Sidewalk short, and see what this day actually holds. Keep safe! Don’t rev up that tag football game just yet, and tune in here again soon – for stories, video and your chance at a guided carp fly fishing trip in North Texas!

NOTE: For my fellow journalists who read this, you’re welcome for this newstip!

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