Bitters – Sweet – More Sweet Than Bitter (See BHT & TM)

| June 2, 2008

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The pescatoial pace is picking up in the North Texas area despite the intense rain last week which sent local lake Ray Roberts up nearly six inches in a matter of hours. That gully-washer dropped a mixed blessing on the flats at RR, making the Carp more difficult to stalk, but at the same time luring Lunker Bass in close Рfinally within reach Рfor someone whose stated goal going out alone yesterday was; 


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  1. shannon says:

    It looks like local calendars are getting “interesting”. Lefty Kreh in Dallas the weekend of the 15th. and 16th. – sponsored by Dallas Fly Fishers, and the Texas Women Fly Fishers’ calendar is shaping up to be interesting as well.

  2. shannon says:

    “One more follow-up “Thank you” for last night…
    Ryan catching that bass and the blue-gill finally had a light going off in his head that this could be fun…
    (He and I are splitting the cost on “his” outfit, so he has some skin in the game)
    He chattered the whole way home about possibilities.. he doesn’t open up very easily, and I think he was really clicking along last night…

    Joel, you are an outstanding teacher, and I want to go back to high-school and take chemistry from you…

    Shannon, its incredible to see how the passion for this has consumed you… sometimes I get a bit jaded, and its great to see someone who’s gotten re-bit by something fun…

    So, I hope we get the chance over to join you guys on an expedition some time.. we’ll keep practicing, and I’ll work on the zen approach of painting the ceiling..

    by the way, I talked to my buddy last night, and he still is interested.. he’s going to let me know his schedule for the next few weeks.
    (Joel, if you can let me know your free times, we can go from there.. I’ll look to see if there are enough “others” to help build another “class”)

    Thanks again, boys.”


  3. jhays says:

    The best way to catch bass like that at Ray Bob is to stay in that cove! All the back reaches have natural “fish funnels” like the one you found. Remember the one the goose was on the other weekend? There’s 4-5 more scattered around the area – and they’re so shallow/tree filled they don’t get fished very much!

  4. shannon says:

    Naa, I just need to know how to catch lunkers EVERY TIME I go out! Imagine a Carp / Bass -fly guiding team?????? Your Bitters flies were sweet, but I think that new Mustad is moving point down. Shannon

  5. jhays says:

    NICE! Now you need one of those new Sage Largemouth rods and matching line!