Confessions of a Closet Carp-o-holic

| May 26, 2008

catching carp with a fly rod #carponfly


Slowly, I am being sucked in – into this whole Carp thing. It is hard to imagine anything more “Skid” than taking a conceptual event like fly fishing and introducing it to a giant minnow that 


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  1. jhays says:

    I don’t know how well you could dress Shannon up as a “cart-girl”, but I do know of a place were you can drive to within 50 yards of the water. Wind has to be out of the west or north, however.
    I actually have a trip called the “DeathMarch” by a friend. We cover about 7 miles in July-August when the wind is out of the SW and DRY. About 100 degrees. YOU’LL LOVE IT!

  2. lane says:

    Ha Ha Ha. I think the previous post is in reference to my ability to attract the agkistrodon piscivorus. Just remember Hays, I know where you live. After completeing the “death march” and arriving at the water, you guys were excited about catching fish, I was worried about the chances of Careflite not finding us. Do you know of any place that we can fish for carp that has sidewalks and a cartgirl selling beer.

  3. jhays says:

    Awesome video, Shannon! Too bad the “stick snake” didn’t make the cut!

  4. shannon says:

    I think that’s the National Weather Service. It was pretty wild here in Denton today – green skies and rolling wall clouds – guess it was too early in the day for the heat to trigger the hardcore stuff. shannon

  5. Dusty says:

    What is the NWS site?

  6. jhays says:

    It depends greatly on how much water fell in the Gainesville/Cooke County area. The west arm of the lake takes longer to clear than the east. I’m working on an estimate right now off the NWS site – it will probably go up about 6 inches and be off color for at least 5 days (depending on the area).

  7. Dusty says:

    With all of the rain Ray Rob is getting pounded with right now, how long will it take the water to clear up and be fishable? I am sure the answer is dictated by the amount that falls, but generally speaking, how soon after a rain like this one can we chase the carp again?

    thanks guys.