Austin Bound and Down – Any Fish Finds?

| June 3, 2008

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Time to pack up the plantation and head down to Bastrop for a work weekend with some “research”, fishing “research”, thrown in for good measure. Word from the Texas Hill Country is the weather is just as scorching there as it is in North Texas, breaking records and such. Current conditions here are … radical. Winds will be in the 40-50 mph range the next few days (as they were today) and storms potentially kicking in at the end of the week.

I haven’t read the flow rates for the Colorado, but if you’ve read past posts on outings to the Colorado in the Bastrop area, you know it has been pretty much a no fish zone based on my experiences. Eyewitness reports say they are releasing water to feed farmer’s demand along the river. However, there’s a new fly fisher that way who wants to give it a go. I met Alex on the TFF,and he sounds like he is dying to fish. If worse comes, then we can punt and hit a well stocked private tank I know of that is located toward Elgin, Texas.

I will try and get a report out from there, but don’t be expecting it. Meanwhile, take a look the revamped site for Joel Hays at DFW FLY FISHING. I am finally getting that site to what it should look like and due to regular new content added by Hays, the site is climbing rapidly in the search engines! Techno gobbledygook aside, the site has a good amount of information, and if you are seeking a challenge – his site thoroughly documents the thrill of victory and agony of defeat.

So, if anyone in the Austin area is reading, where do you fly fish within easy reach, and where do you get fly supplies? I was impressed with the radical differenced in equipment stocked at Cabella’s Buda, as compared to Cabella’s Fort Worth. They obviously feel the tug of demand for salt water flies and supplies, and have a great balance of salt and fresh water gear. It’s also hard to be in Austin and not stop at Austin Kayak, where great information abounds, and hard to find items are plentiful. Unfortunately, due to a SNAFU with the powder coating of my roof rack, the kayak will not make this trip — I’m beginning to think a kayak is the key to success in the Bastrop area. Recommendations?

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