Another Perspective on Beaver’s Bend Oklahoma

| October 27, 2008

artistic look Beaver’s Bend Oklahoma


Oklahoma Beaver's Bend

Beaver’s Bend Oklahoma Fall 2008 – Photo by Leslie J. Kregel

Those who know me, and know my Significant Other, call me lucky. I would have to agree, as my skills at the mating game have proved completely useless in the past. And now LJK has picked up her own fly rod in an effort to join in on my fun. Of course it’s early, so there are many chapters she has yet to write, but this one certainly brings a balanced perspective I sometimes lack. I’ve seen and been in some beautiful settings thanks to the fly, but wound up sitting back in my chair in the comfort of home, and thinking only of fishing and not the surroundings through which the journey passed. I need to work on that.


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  1. shannon says:

    And I am such a keeper doncha (Palinism) know?

  2. Cindy says:

    Looks like Leslie caught a Micropterus Shannonus (Largemouth Shannon) I hear they’re pretty rare.