Water Wednesday – North Texas Drought Getting Pushed Back

| January 25, 2017


Texas Drought Map 0117


I knew something was up when the siren sounded on Lake Ray Roberts the other day. I was on the lake and it was full to the brim, even though rain had been pretty sparse in my neighborhood 11 miles south. Obviously the watershed had taken on some water, and the USACE was expecting more.

Here’s this week’s snapshot. It’s starting to look a lot like the epic year of 2016 all over again. What we have this year is a maturing population of largemouth bass added to the mix – specifically on Lake Ray Roberts, Texas. The arrival of mature 2-4 year-old LMBs will be a boom to fly fishing on Ray Roberts, and no amount of conventional harvesting of these youngsters – will make a dent (this year). It’s amazing that the scientists at TPWD have seen fit not to stock Lake Ray Roberts since 2013, while Lake Fork, Texas, has had 1,137,587 Florida strain largemouth added to that “fish starved” lake. Let’s start a thread on the hugely popular Texas Fishing Forum, and see if anyone THERE has a good answer to this mystery.

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