Water Wednesday – Just Right

| June 24, 2020

Some of you are old enough to remember the old column, “Water Wednesday,” a regular report on the long drought of the last decade. 


It seems now, that droughts in North Central Texas are a thing of the past as the old farmer’s saying goes, “It always rains,” has never been more true than now. We just left behind four straight days of rains that keeps much of Texas off the drought map, and keeps many of our lakes filled to the brim, and scraping the froth off the top and releasing it downriver.

Current numbers in BLUE. Red = 2018. Blue = 2019.

We have no drought, and we have no lakes in North Central or East Texas that are pining for water. Simply put, we got water. The less simple side of the equation is – is it Three Bears water? For Ray Roberts carp that translates to; too high, too low and just right water levels. Obviously the water clarity will be off a few days, but with no more real rain forecast, we are settling in for the long haul now.

Johns Hopkins numbers do not lie. Texas trend BAD BAD.

Sure, it will dry out, people will abuse their water rights and you’ll find programmed sprinkler systems dousing soaked commercial and private landscapes – even today, less than 24-hours after more than five-inches of rain in the last four days. That’s how North Central Texas rolls. Now that conservation matters less than ever, you can bet momma will be watering her grass patch as soon as those blades show signs of slowing growth – because that’s how we roll.

At the same time water levels are on the rise, so is the COVID-19 trend for Texas. Maybe some State genius will associate the two, wrongly of course, but what I am seeing here at ground level is very interesting.

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