Texoma Fly Fishing Report by Steve Hollensed

| January 21, 2013

Lake Texoma Fly Fishing Report
Lake Level is 612 ASL (about 5 ft. low); Water Temp is 49 degrees; Water Visibility is excellent on the main lake and good to slightly stained in upper and mid lake areas.
Winter fishing has been very good for both stripers and smallmouth.

Stripers have been feeding in large schools for the most part but in some cases we have located them in small numbers around shallow sand flats adjacent to deep water. The schools have been operating in about 10 to 25 ft of water in bays and coves with lots of shad. At times, when the afternoons are warm, they will feed actively at or near the surface. The gulls are still in action and are a big help in locating these schools. Another successful pattern as of late, for both stripers and smallmouth, is fishing shallow rocky banks. Although, smallmouth numbers have been low, the quality has been excellent with this pattern.

It is a great time to fish for big stripers and big smallmouth on Texoma.

Bass Lab
On February 9, at Orvis Dallas, Orvis Endorsed Guide Rob Woodruff and I will conduct another Bass Lab session, one of a group of classes in the “Practical Science of Fly Fishing” series. This is the only session of Bass Lab we will offer this year.

This course is the culmination of many years of on-the-water experience in the pursuit of largemouth, smallmouth, stripers and other warmwater species. In essence, Rob and I have compiled and detailed many lessons that we have learned on the water and have dovetailed that experience with current scientific research. Topics covered include bass physiology, behavior, their environment, their prey, and we make special note of time tested strategic changes we make in response to meteorological and limnological variables to increase success probabilities.

Warmwater fly fishing is one of the fastest growing segments in fly fishing. The southern half of the US has many outstanding warmwater fisheries that have never really been fully utilized by the fly fisher. With the recent quantum advancements in rods, lines, leaders, & flies designed for the warmwater fly fisher, we can now approach these warm water fisheries much more effectively and have lots of fun with some great fish. However, our tactics, strategies, and knowledge base needs to change, as cold water techniques prove less that ideal here.

The class runs from 9am to 5pm. Cost is $175. Pre-registration is required before February 2.

Booking for 2013 Trips
To secure prime dates for spring and summer fishing , and especially for specific patterns like spring staging, the shad spawn, and the summer blitzes, advance booking is a good idea.
These times are already beginning to book and prime dates always go first.

Captain Steve Hollensed
Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide
FFF Master Certified Casting Instructor

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