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| December 19, 2012

The world of the web has been compressed to the point where tweets and retweets are the back scratchers of choice, and there’s a lot of back scratching going on. Not as much here. I’d rather actually visit sites, dig a little and put the good worms I find – ACTUALLY IN A POST – on Texas Fly Caster.

Most fly fishers are gear focused, and around this time of year – for gift getting and giving. The pace of new gear, or as the brain trust calls it, “upgrades” in fly fishing gear seems to have slowed even more – across the board. However, let’s give the props to gear where it’s due.

FIRST, if you are thinking about rod building with me next year, visit Mud Hole at Maybe it’s because I’m sitting in a mud hole writing this, but the name works fine for me. I think I will start with a TFO BVK fly rod blank, and maybe by the end, I’ll be worthy of a Sage ONE fly rod blank. Mud Hole has the spectrum when it comes to quality/cost.

You have to keep your eyes on SIMMS as well at because they tend to come out with new products unannounced. I have a weakness for SIMMS that only compares to my weakness for Lightning Bolt surf clothing in the late ’70’s. Here’s their Simms 2012 Holiday Gift Guide if you want to cut to the chase. Personally, I have to go for the Simms Coldweather Shirt if given a choice.

I have been off and on a few entertaining sites as usual. At The Fiberglass Manifesto, Cameron Mortenson proves he has a weakness too – carp. Cameron is a great guy and has worked his site into high visibility and a lot of ads! Check him out at

Midcurrent is a fantastic resource that always has something worth looking at. They have a last look at fly fishing gear for 2012 post that makes for lightweight reading.Think of Midcurrent as the voice for the establishment, and you won’t be far off. Still, it’s a well rounded site.

Moldy Chum is a bit less reverent than Midcurrent, and worth checking out as well. No matter what, everyone’s pitching the company lines for great gifts right now. Yeah, me too.

If you ever want to know what the left coast is thinking, and believe me this guy is a thinker, take a look at The Trout Underground. Tom Chandler certainly keeps it short, sweet and lets his readers do the talking. And they do talk! Great stuff. Be sure to check out Tom Chandler’s reading list.

Chi Wulff has a great variety of good stuff too. Balance seems to have been struck quite nicely by the Chi.

If you find any other sites worth mention, be sure to share. It is the time of giving isn’t it! I hope you have the free time to enjoy digging deep into these sites, and be sure to comment there too. I know they appreciate your participation.

And somewhat locally, if you’ve been thinking about the Blue River in Oklahoma, then you better check in with Barry Schrader at Drifting the Prairie Ocean. I know I need to check in at the Blue.

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