Texas Fly Fishing Report – Video With Fly Tying Recommendation Ending

| August 4, 2017

Fly Fishing in Texas: The Texas Fly Fishing Report Plus Fly Tying Tip for Texas Saltwater

Thanks for coming to the website! I assume a lot of you arrive here because of the YouTube Texas Fly Fishing Report, and maybe just because of today’s report?

As I said, the reports from TPWD are laced with the words “fair” which is worse than “good,” but better than “slow” — all terms TPWD uses to be intentionally vague, and not influence the economies of businesses that rely on these lakes. Keep that in mind. All-in-all, there are a lot more “fairs” and fewer “goods” and the curse word “slow” is starting to creep in across Texas. We all know that happens. That’s why it’s called fishing.


I am not even too surprised to see those words creeping into the saltwater reports either. Heat, and indeterminate wind patterns make things on the coast a bit tepid. The fish begin to spread out, and seek deeper climes. Again, normal. Take the tide-moon phase right now, and I would say – GO TAKE A NAP instead.


Please remember a couple of things about the reports I do:

  • Almost all of this is gleaned and then combined in one place – HERE
  • If what you get (on your outing) isn’t close to what’s reported here? You HAVE to tell us so that we can adjust. CALL OUT bad information!
  • I will tell you what I NOW FOR SURE
  • This information is based on conventional fishermen reporting on conventional tactics
  • It is up to us to translate this into fly information – for example … watch the video for a killer saltwater fly sample at the end of this week’s video

WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE – Local Fly Fishing Scene Heats up Again

What I know about the water I guide on FOR SURE is that there are tons of catfish (heat resistant) on the flats at Lake Ray Roberts. I was out scouting yesterday, and besides the information that follows, I caught a twisted up three-pound slimeball on a black/black Clouser while prospecting for early bass.


All size bass are roving the flats right now! It’s more a matter of the lack of a winter (in my opinion), than the environment – I think their internal clocks are set ahead by about six weeks! I see yearlings in schools marauding, and see good size bass prowling solo. They’re hard to spot, but easy to catch, and will take the time to pursue the smallest fly if it looks worthy.

And of carp? Here is what I think is happening, with the gift of the most abundant carp population in ten years, there’s another edge to the sword. These fish came in, spawned and relaxed, then ate / cleared all (and I MEAL ALL) that grassy vegetation that lined the bottom of flats like Lantana Flats. Once that food was gone, it also coincided with the heat coming on – just a coincidence really.

SO, the fish would come up and look around when it was cool, looking for that grass they like. And, when they found little to none, they would drop off again for the day’s heat.

WELL, that vegetation has grown back! And they’re already back mowing it down en masse. Yesterday, Thursday, August 3, I saw those early season carp’n chains (plays in my imagination as “tarpon chains”), feeders are everywhere, but they are retracing their early behaviors as well – skittish and easily spooked. The numbers are very, very good right now. I also believe the break in the heat helps, but consider the fact that as I was idling in to the cove, there was that telltale grass floating (after being mowed by carp) everywhere — just as in spring / early summer.

So I think we are going to have another valhalla that goes from now until they get it all mowed down again. I believe carp will endure the heat for the eat. But once the eat is gone, they’ll be off again too. Allez bon ton roule.

PS – The YouTube Video for this report contains a recommended Texas saltwater fly that should be very hot right now – based on conventional reports.


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